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How Do I Choose Soft Furnishings For My Home?

Updated: May 22, 2020

Deciding on what window coverings you need for your home can seem like quite a daunting experience as there are so many beautiful choices in fabrics and patterns to bring your style together. However my aim is to make this as fun and easy as possilbe by guiding you through process from start to finish.

However there is no need to feel overwhelmed. I can help guide you through the choice of fabrics and colour that make you feel the most comfortable in your space.

Firstly we will look at your individual rooms to see what aspect they are facing. This will determine whether you need a block/out fabric to prevent heat and light that may stream through certain windows and fade your furniture or it could just make the room too hot to relax in. Block out fabric also is a good choice for those colder months to help insulate windows so your heating is most efficient. Block/out fabric gives privacy from neighbours and the street plus it stops the light from any street lamps that may be nearby.

Another option fabric style is to have a sheer fabric on a track closer to the window and a block/out or lined fabric on an outer track, this is known as a double track system. This option is very popular and allows you to open your block/out and still have the light filtering in providing privacy with a very soft look to the room.

You may also decide that perhaps a block/out lining on a track closer to the window and a sheer on a track in the front is the style for your space, this provides a very light billowy look which is very popular.

Sheers come in a variety of very soft neutrals and textures .You may also like a much more dramatic effect with the deeper shades that look fabulous.

Once you have decided on what system would work best for you in your everyday life, we

get down to the exciting part of looking at the various colours, patterns and textures of the fabrics.

I find once I have started displaying a few samples and hold them up to windows we can start to tie it all in with your lounges, floor coverings and wall colour and you will start to get a feel of what you like.

The texture of the fabric plays a big part in the overall look and there are manys types available. I will be able to guide you as to how sheer or dense it will be when made up into drapes.

This is your home, allow me to help you make it your sanctuary through carefully selecting the right soft furnishings for you.

Hope this has answered a few questions and please don’t hesitate to call or email me to have a chat.


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